How To Turn A McRib Into A Hawaiian Thanksgiving

With only a couple weeks to go before the McRib disappears into obscurity again, true fans of the pork-ish McDonald’s sandwich are trying to get their fill. And now, thanks to Erik Trinidad, the mad genius behind Fancy Fast Food, they can even enjoy their favorite treat on Thanksgiving.

Starting with one McRib (extra onions), a Filet-O-Fish, two side salads, a large fry and a McCafe Wild Berry Smoothie, Trinidad crafts his takes on Kalua pig, lomi-lomi salmon and poi.

The recipe requires slicing and trimming of the McRib meat (after the sauce is rinsed off), trimming off all the breading from the Filet and mixing it with the McRib onions and tomatoes from the salads, and pureeing the fries — with a hint of Wild Berry Smoothie — into a starchy concoction.

So it certainly looks a lot more like restaurant food than it did when it started — after all, the site’s motto is, “Yeah, it’s still bad for you — But see how good it can look!” — but how does it taste?

Consumerist talked to Mr. Trinidad about his latest creation to see how things turned out:

The “Kalua pig” out of McRib pretty much tasted like a McRib, sans barbecue sauce. The lomi-lomi-o-fish was actually pretty good; the blend of vegetables from the side salad and the non-breaded fish made it taste pretty legit. The McPoi out of mashed fries and some berry smoothie was pretty disgusting; in fact, every time I mash up french fries into a potatoey mush, it’s pretty vile, whether it’s faux Hawaiian or not.

Speaking of his other creations, over at, they have a round-up of their faves from the site, including Spicy Chicken Sushi (made from Popeyes), the Wendy’s Napoleon and the Taco Bellini.

Hawaiian Thanksgiving (Fancy McRib and Filet-O-Fish) [Fancy Fast Food]

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