Samuel Adams Comes Through, Replaces Reader's Shattered $150 Super-Beer

About a month ago, we published the story of a premium alcoholic beverage cut down in its prime–a bottle of Samuel Adams Utopias that broke near the end of its cross-country journey. Many of you were deeply concerned about the situation, and we’re happy to report that the folks at The Boston Beer Company came through–reader Z. now owns a beautiful new bottle.

I just wanted to say thanks for helping us to get in touch with [Z.] (the owner of one, UPS-smashed bottle of Utopias). I am pleased to report, that thanks to your story and help, [Z.] now is the proud owner of a fully intact replacement bottle.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Consumerist, and love that you are a big fan of ours as well. Thanks again!

Group hug! And beer for everyone! Well, Utopias is a “beer” in the same sense that a Ferrari Enzo is a “car.” Which is illegal in thirteen states. Still. Yaaay!

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