PlayStation 3 Casts Vudu Spell

Straining to counter Microsoft’s inclusion of ESPN 3 on the Xbox 360, Sony is piling on video streaming apps at a heavy clip, adding pay-as-you-go streaming service Vudu to its stable of Hulu Plus and NHL GameCenter Live.

PlayStation Blog reports Sony is wisely opening up Vudu access to all PlayStation Network members rather than holding it back for suckers — your esteemed post author included — who subscribe to the little-used PlayStation Plus pay service.

The Vudu app comes to the PS3 next week. Rentals range from $2 to $6, and you get a $6 credit for signing up. If you’re planning on getting a new game machine in the next few weeks, what role will streaming video access play in your selection?

VUDU Comes to the PS3, Adding Another Choice for PSN Members to Experience Media Instantly [PlayStation Blog]


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  1. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    PS3 can do anything…

    Except market a game I’m interested in. :|

    • Larraque eats babies says:

      I don’t have a PS3 but I could name a dozen games on the system I’m interested in playing.

      • Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

        I’m not suggesting games on the PS3 are bad, per se.

        Just that they haven’t put out anything that I’m interested in. Anything that I am interested in seems to be ported to the 360 anyways, so I don’t really have any motivation to drop money on a new console.

        • kriswone says:

          Save your motivation to drop money on the XBOX Live membership dues.
          But, how are you playing your Blu-ray discs? or did you drop money on a separate BD player?

          Think about all the money you have spent since you purchased the XBOX360, extra controllers, games, that BD player cause XBOX don’t play dat homey, XBOX Live, etc…

  2. godospoons says:

    I want some to offer me free streaming of ESPN 8: The Ocho!

  3. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    I have a 360 and PS3. The only thing my PS3 does is play God of War 3 and play Blu-Ray. Sigh.

    • Mole90 says:

      Meh. I have a PS3 and like it a lot. I have been tossing around the idea of a 360, but don’t really want to pay for the online service. The reason I go the PS3 in the first place was for the Blue Ray Player.

      If they would only fix the forced firmware updates from crashing my systems, I wouldn’t even consider switchin systems.

      P.S. Just got the MOVE. Volley ball is pretty awesome. ( I have a WII and I like the MOVE better). I have a six year old, so I can use him as an excuse to relive my childhood. :)

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        Oh, I think when you get down to it they’re practically identical. I think LIve is worth the extra money, but I also think the Blu-Ray (no e…:-P) is a nice feature if you want a full theater experience.

        I just have a hard time going PSN because 99% of my online gaming friends are on Live. Also, no cross-game chat is just lame.

    • roguemarvel says:

      its the other way in my house. We have two 360 (marriage is a wonderful thing when you join assets) and a ps3 (and wii) and the PS3 seems to get the most play and we buy most 3rd party cross platforms on the PS3. The last game I turned my 360 on for was Fable 3 and I beat in two days so its not getting used again for a while.

  4. MonkeyMonk says:

    I’ve got both an Xbox 360 and PS3 and the implementation of Netflix is a lot better on the PS3. I maybe like the interface on the 360 a litttle bit better but I think the quality and speed is loads better on the PS3. A 360 stream can sometimes churn for a good minute before starting but the PS3 is near instantaneous.

    • Jimmy60 says:

      I like the Netflix interface on the Wii but the quality isn’t there compared to the PS3. I do almost all of my Netflix watching on the PS3. I love my PS3 yet I rarely play games on it.

  5. suez says:

    I purposefully bought my PS3 last spring because it can play games, play Blue Ray, and play Netflix Instant. The third reason was the main driving factor IMO.

  6. Quake 'n' Shake says:


  7. KingPsyz says:

    Phil, you mentioned us Plusers are suckers, but I gotta say… Just the last two months has given me both Abe’s games as free downloads and that honestly justifies it for me.

    I was already paying for qore and was about to cancel since year 2 sucked (and year 3 isn’t getting any better), but for only a little more than I was paying I am getting a better all around service.

    And waking up to see all the game updates that came out recently are already loaded to the appropriate save files is awesome.

    I’m looking forward to vudu, I hope we get the indie movie service they’ve been doing in the UK soon as well. MOR STREMIN PLEZ!

  8. framitz says:

    Vudu is built in to my LG TV. I looked at it and decided to just say NO. The service is overpriced and of little to no value for me. That’s one service I wish had been left out of the mix. The sample video did look great though so I can see the attraction.