Zombie Debt Collector Threatens To Send Sheriff To Man's Work

“I’ll go through any lengths I have to in order to embarrass you,” says one of the many debt collector chicks who keep calling this guy up at work, trying to get him to pay for a credit card debt from 1998 that he doesn’t remember and for which they refuse to provide verification.

He continually calls their bluffs and dares them to sue him, knowing full well that they can’t, they can only keep making laughably harassing phone calls.

But as funny as this call is, you have to imagine how these unlawful debt collection tactics work on people who don’t know their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

One thing you can do is send them a letter requiring they provide you with verification that they actually own the debt. If they don’t comply and keep contacting you about the debt, you can sue them for statutory damages in small claims court without much hassle and get up to $1000. Here’s a sample letter.

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