USPS Magically Turned My Documents Into This Motorcycle Part

Martin sent some documents to his parents in Germany via USPS Priority Mail, but somehow what arrived was the pictured motorcycle kick starter inside a ripped envelope.

He writes:

I used USPS Priority Mail International to send a couple very important docs to my parents in Germany last Friday. The flat rate envelope arrived on Tuesday this week in Germany. Unfortunately, the envelope is wrapped in a plastic bag and contains a metal item (kick starter for motorcycle I think) that I didn’t send and an apology from the Postmaster.

After talking to the supervisor at my Post Office, who by the way told me I shouldn’t send metal items in the flat rate envelope (I showed her a picture of what was received in Germany.) I was directed to for a claim.

At I find out for international claims I have to call 1-800-222-1811. The customer support and their supervisor tell me that no tracking is possible when using the small and the flat rate envelope for Priority Mail International. On top, they are not even interested in the item that I received by mistake. Of course, a claim cannot be made since there is no tracking number.

Martin wants his documents back, so if you’re out there hoping for a kick starter and got his stuff instead, drop us a line and we’ll help you and Martin arrange a swap.

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