How To Build A Reserve Fund

Money mavens always harp on you to stash some money away to stave off disasters such as layoffs or having to blow $1,000 on a pair of tickets to see the Giants play in the World Series for the first time in forever.

Some say you need eight months of savings, while other experts say you’re fine with three. The truth is no amount of savings will maintain a lack of financial discipline, so the amount you need to save depends on your personal comfort level.

Krystal at Moneyville warns you not to let the colossal figure you’ll need in the fund stop you from taking the early steps to get there. She recommends making up a pretend bill – something as small as a $25 fee you’ll need to pay yourself every other week – to get things rolling.

What’s your reserve fund strategy?
Why you need an emergency fund [Moneyville]

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