How To Get Credit Card Companies To Lower Minimum Payments

The problem with using credit cards is that although they make it seem like they’re magic buy-everything passes, eventually you get bills and have to pay for all that stuff you bought.

Kira at Money Crashers says she found herself unable to handle even the minimum payments on her cards, but was able to negotiate lower payments with every one of the banks she owed.

She recommends calling the number on the back of your card and letting them know you can’t handle the payments but are willing to work out an alternative payment program. She advises putting a budget together so you can be realistic about what payments you’ll be able to handle.

Bear in mind that if you can afford your minimums, you should definitely pay them, and do all you can to get rid of your debt in order to avoid drowning in interest.
Credit Card Debt Reduction Story: How I Got My Minimums Reduced [Money Crashers]

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