When Sears Says It Has 'A Number Of Options Available,' It Means That Number Is 2

Sick of being bombarded by Sears’ rewards program spam, David went to opt out of the program. He was presented with this plethora of options of how to reduce his email load without cutting it off entirely.

He writes:

I wanted to stop the weekly e-mails I receive from Sears’ rewards program (Shop Your Way Rewards – www.shopyourwayrewards.com) and was a little confused by their opt-out offering.

As you see in the attached, first they state “We have a number of options available:” – that number is only 2, reduce frequency or leave.

Most perplexing is the ability to “Reduce Frequency Options” from the current frequency (weekly) all the way down to “4-6 emails a month” or as little as “Once a week.”

It’s tough to choose between four emails a month and four to six. But a lot easier to choose “zero” by opting out, as David has done.

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