Will Fox's Cablevision Blackout Be Resolved Before The World Series?

We’re now in the middle of Day 7 of the Fox/Cablevision slap fight that has left millions of Cablevision subscribers from Connecticut to Pennsylvania without Fox stations.

It appears unlikely that the situation will be resolved in time for tomorrow afternoon’s National League Championship Series game on Fox or Sunday’s NFL games.

And as we draw closer to the Oct. 27 start date of the World Series on Fox, many are concerned that Cablevision subscribers will be left in the dark.

The executive director of something called the Sports Fans Coalition has sent the following letter to NewsCorp’s Grand Vizier Rupert Murdoch regarding both the Cablevision ordeal and NewsCorp’s earlier decision to pull several sports channels from Dish Network:

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

I am writing on behalf of the members of Sports Fans Coalition and sports fans everywhere. We would like you to let us watch our favorite games again.

On October 15, your company, News Corp., took down Fox programming from Cablevision subscribers. This means that sports fans with Cablevision have missed NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games. Worse, some fans may miss the World Series.

On October 1, your company, News Corp., took down Fox regional sports programming from DISH Network subscribers. These fans have also missed NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA games. And your company is threatening to remove all Fox programming by November 1, meaning that these fans may also miss World Series games.

We realize that there are two sides to every dispute. But your company chose to take down this programming knowing that it would harm sports fans. We ask you to please put these games back on and settle your disputes behind closed doors or with arbitration.

You are choosing to withhold these games and millions of sports fans continue to miss their games. Please find another way to settle these matters.

Of course, with both the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees teetering on the brink of elimination, there’s a chance that many of those 3 million Cablevision subscribers won’t care so much about a Texas vs. San Francisco World Series.

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