Will This $8 Million iPhone Still Have Death Grip Issues?

Just in time for Christmas, the world’s most expensive phone. At least that’s what the designer of the $8 million dollar diamond-rimmed iPhone 4 claims.

UK blingmaster-to-the-gaudy-stars Stuart Hughes says he was commissioned to whip up a pair of these not at all ostentatious devices — which, in addition to the diamonds around the edge also have a back plate made from rose gold with an Apple logo done up in diamonds — for some super-rich Aussie.

Hughes tells the Daily Mail:

It was a fantastic challenge and I am really pleased with the end result – the phones look superb.
Phones are so popular at the moment and this is the ultimate design for one. It was a very exciting project.
The diamonds are rare and difficult to source, stones like that usually have a very long history.
It is amazing that someone is prepared to spend £5 million on a phone, I doubt it will get used because it is worth so much money.
It would be a disaster if it was ever lost.

If anyone wants to donate $8 million to Consumerist just for us to test this phone to see if it still has the same “death grip” problem as the un-blinged iPhone 4, well… then you should really reconsider your priorities.

The world’s most expensive mobile – a diamond-encrusted iPhone costing a staggering £5 MILLION [Daily Mail]

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