63% Of Restaurant Workers Admit To Serving While Sick

Waiter! There’s a phlegm in my soup! And it’s yours! 63% of restaurant workers in a new survey said they had cooked and served food while sick, putting consumers at risk, and also being just gross.

90% of them also said they don’t get insurance through their employers, and 87% said they didn’t get paid sick days.

The report, ommissioned by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, a labor coalition for restaurant workers, contains stories like this one:

I could not call in sick because no work meant no money and I couldn’t afford it at that time. My kids were very young… Halfway through the day, the sneezing, coughing and runny nose got worse. I asked the manager, “I am really sick and need to go because I could make others sick…” She laughed and told me, “Try not to cough, then.”


Serving While Sick: Report Reveals Need for Paid Sick Days & Health Insurance in the Restaurant Industry [Restaurant Opportunities Centers United]
Download the full report (PDF)

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