Presenting The Top 10 Jobs — Collect 'Em All

In compiling this list of the 100 most satisfying jobs, CNN Money curiously left off my daytime profession of print journalism.

I’m sure the editors are on the verge of correcting the oversight. But until then, enjoy the current top 10 list, which is running in the November issue of Money magazine:

1. Software Architect — I’m pretty sure this is a reference to the Architect from the Matrix Reloaded. That guy sure did have a ton of TVs in his office.

2. Physician Assistant — Maybe if universe health care turns all doctors into paupers they’ll be more susceptible to lunches, golf outings and other freebies that totally aren’t bribes.

3. Management Consultant — People will always need other to tell them whom to lay off.

4. Physical Therapist — Makes a lot of sense if the profession includes seedy massage parlors,

5. Environmental Engineer — As we destroy all our trees, we will come to rely on engineers to invent new robotic ones to take their place.

6. Civil Engineer — As civility decreases, we will come to rely more on trains to get as far as possible from rude people.

7. Database Administrator — Schools full of little databases will need principals to guide them.

8. Sales Director — While it may not be easy to sell stuff, it’s not too tough to tell others to do so.

9. Certified Public Accountant — While street corner accountants who tend to keep to themselves may be cheaper, the certified variety come with considerably more certification and publicity.

10. Biomedical Engineer — Humanoid robots ain’t gonna invent themselves.

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