Samsung Blames Canada For Your Monitor Problems

Miguel writes that his Samsung monitor stopped working, but it has a 3-year warranty. He contacted Samsung to see if they could help him. They could not, but not for any mundane reason. Samsung insists that his monitor is from Canada, and they can’t provide warranty service to Miguel because he doesn’t live in Canada. Where did he buy his monitor? Um, a Sam’s Club store in Missouri.

In the early part of 2008 I purchased a model 920NW Samsung computer monitor. I made the purchase at my local Sam’s Club in St. Louis MO, USA. Just yesterday the computer monitor stopped working on me. I looked up the model number and found that it had a 3 year parts and labor warranty. The manufactured date on the back of the monitor read : December 2007. I thought i would be able to get this product serviced.

Upon calling Samsung’s support I was informed that I had purchased a Canadian model. This caused a transfer to another department. The other department said that without proof of purchase they would not be able to service my Canadian monitor because of my address.

I no longer have a my receipt from over 2 years ago. They informed me that if i had lived in canada or if this was an American monitor they would be able to service the product without a receipt. Seems like I’ll have to wait until the manager calls me back to see if he can really do something.

While Canada is a lovely country, moving is overkill. We suggested that Miguel contact Sam’s Club, just in case, even though he doesn’t still have the original receipt. Samsung’s escalated customer service is probably the best option at that point.

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