McDonald's Potty Cop: No Receipt, No Bathroom

If you thought Walmart checking your receipt before letting you leave the store was bad, get a load of this McDonald’s who won’t let you go to the bathroom without showing your proof of purchase to the “bathroom bouncer.”

The la acera blog writes that the situation went down like this:

Bathroom Bouncer: You, hey, what do you think you’re doing?

Me: I was hoping to use the bathroom…

BB: Well you can’t. You got a receipt?

This is when I notice that the guy is not some weirdo trying to start a conversation, but a rent-a-cop hired to keep the bathroom safe from tiny bladders like mine.

Me: Not on me, my boyfriend is paying as we speak (as I point to the suited up individual at the register, who turns, smiles and continues to talk to the woman at the counter)

BB: Well YOU can’t go. You don’t have a receipt yet. So you can’t!

Me: um ok, I mean he’s paying right now…

Cashier: Yes, she’s with him, let her go.

BB: Well I don’t give a shit, I’m not gonna let you go anywhere. AND DON’T YOU LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE, I SAY WHAT GOES!

I’ve been to places where they give the patrons little tokens to use to unlock the bathrooms, so I know the technology exists. Perhaps this McDonald’s should take the money it’s investing in rude power-tripping rent-a-cops and put it into some sort of locking mechanism if they want to keep non-patrons out of the restrooms.

Exercising My Right to Pee [la acera] (Thanks to Katherine!)

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