KFC Expands On-Butt Ads For Double Down

A few weeks ago, we wrote about KFC trying to add some sex appeal to their fried-chicken-as-bun Double Down by paying college coeds to advertise the sandwich on their butts. The guerilla marketing campaign must have had some success, because it is now widening.

KFC is now paying $500/day to young women at Colorado State Univ., Indiana Univ., and James Madison Univ. to slap the Double Down name on the back side of their sweatpants and hand out $5 coupons to passersby.

One branding expert tells USA Today that “KFC is becoming the Hooters of fast food,” because of this campaign and the President for the National Organization for Women decries it all as “12-year-old boy humor.” But the women who have signed up for the gig say it’s no big deal and the money is good.

A 21-year-old Colorado State student, who plans to go to Las Vegas with the cash, explains:

“There are worse things that sweatpants could say”
She and two friends will pass out the coupons at CSU’s homecoming football game Saturday. “There will be girls in a lot less clothing at the game. We’re just wearing something we’d wear to bed.”

KFC pastes its Double Down ad on more students’ butts [USA Today]

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