Walmart Puts Defective Scooter I Returned Back On Shelf

After the electric scooter Eric bought for his son broke down three weeks after he bought it, he returned it to Walmart, only to see it pop back up on shelves for sale, ready to break another kid’s heart.

He writes about his wife’s reunion with the busted scooter:

In the course of her shopping today, she checked the scooter section since my son is still scooter-less. What does she see? A scooter in an unsealed box, obviously used. In fact, with shoe scuff marks identical to the ones my son nicely left on the scooter. The scooter that we had taken back, reported as “does not work”, and gotten our money back for about 3 days ago…

She says that next time she goes back, she’s taking a marker and writing “doesn’t work” on the box…

Does Walmart have some whiz-bang scooter repair department that we don’t know about? I guess it’s possible that they just replaced the batteries and now it works.

The marker idea probably isn’t legally sound, but the next would-be customer would thank her.

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