Netflix Agrees To Delay Rentals Of New Sony Releases By 28 Days

Yesterday, Netflix continued to demonstrate its focus on expanding the company’s online streaming library — at the risk of losing business on new release DVD rentals — by announcing a deal with Sony that would delay rentals of the studio’s new titles by 28 days. In exchange, Netflix receives access to streaming licenses for more Sony titles.

Last spring, Sony made the opposite deal with foundering rental chain Blockbuster. In that arrangement, Blockbuster was allowed to rent out and stream all new Sony titles on the day of release.

Speaking of Blockbuster… NCR, the company that owns and operates the Blockbuster Express kiosks and really wants customers to know they have not filed for bankruptcy, has made a deal with Universal Home Video to delay rentals of that studio’s new titles for 28 days.

Netflix and NCR reach DVD distribution deals [Reuters]

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