Netflix Has A New App Just For DVD Service Customers

Remember when deciding you wanted to watch something on Netflix meant adding it to your queue and then waiting for a red envelope to show up in the mail? Though it may seem like we’ve always lived in a streaming world, there are still people who rent DVDs and BluRays from Netflix — about 4.2 million of them — and now they have their very own app to make the process easier.

Why would someone who isn’t watching their content on a mobile device need such an app? Netflix says the app will allow users to manage their queues from anywhere. Like if you’re at a soccer game thinking about Jonthan Brandis and don’t want to forget to add Ladybugs to your upcoming rentals (RIP JB).

You can also rearrange titles and receive notifications about when Netflix receives a return and ships your next disc.

Engagdget notes that the ability to manage your DVD queue has been absent from Netflix’s app since an update in 2011, which means users had rely on a desktop or mobile browser to access their lists on Netflix-owned, so this will likely be a welcome development for those folks.

The app is currently only available for iOS devices.

You may remember that in 2011, as Netflix quickly grew into a streaming powerhouse, that it tried to split the DVD-rental operations off into its own business, dubbed Quikster — a brand so short-lived that it made our recent roundup of high-profile corporate branding debacles.

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