Best Buy Field Agent Scopes Me In Parking Lot

Shannon said Best Buy, apparently suspecting her of shoplifting without wanting to confront her, sent out an employee to hide in the trees and report her actions into his headset as she entered her car.

She writes:

It is very strange. I went to Best Buy in [redacted], Ohio. I needed a replacement battery for my camera. They didn’t have the one I need. I browsed the store and left without buying anything. On my way out of the parking lot I noticed a kid wearing a Best Buy polo standing in the trees watching my car/talking into a headset.

I’ve seen Best Buy employees at this location do this before: stand in the parking lot and announce a license plate into a headset. I thought maybe they were doing it because the person in question actually stole something, I didn’t realize this is what they do to every person that buys nothing. It is very creepy. I can only assume that they went back and reviewed security camera footage to see what I stole. Must’ve been a real boner killer when they found out I stole nothing.

This explains why I just never felt comfortable shopping in Best Buy, they see their customers as adversaries, and anyone merely browsing is most likely playing games and deserves to have her license plate recorded. It’s not the end of the world or anything, but I wanted to send it in as a “tip” just in case anyone else had problems arise because they didn’t buy anything from Best Buy.

Bonus points to Shannon for her use of “boner killer.” Have you ever noticed Best Buy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare unit pulling this move on you?

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