Got Until 9/27 To Cancel Sprint Without Fee

You have until September 27th to cancel your Sprint contract without early termination fee. Sprint recently made it so employer discounts don’t apply beyond the first two lines on the account. Because this is a material change in the service contract, you can cancel the contract without penalty.

The Explainthefee blog checked it out and a Sprint executive analyst told them, “effective August 27, 2010, Sprint will no longer apply the Nationwide Volume Pricing (NVP) discount to the Monthly Recurring Charge for lines on a shared service plan beyond the first two lines of service… Because of this change, our customers are eligible to terminate the service on their account without penalty through September 27, 2010.”

Our tipster notes that you should make sure to, “ask them to mark the contract “Fulfilled” for the lines of service under contract, since a discount is no longer applied as signed into your contract.”

Cancel your Sprint contract without paying an ETF! [Explainthefee] (Thanks to TLCWACKY!)

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