Get Sprint To Credit You For The Discount They're Taking Away

By calling up Sprint and insinuating he might cancel because they’re taking away his discount, one of our readers was able to get Sprint to credit his account for the same amount they’re taking away from him.

After reading our post about how Sprint is taking away discounts from multiphone family/share plans, our reader says he,

Decided to call sprint to see how this would effect my bill. I have had an account with sprint for several years including a family plan with 3 lines and a data plan for a separate data card.

Sprint confirmed that the discount would impact my 3rd line on the family plan. What’s interesting is the discount was never supposed to apply to a data line even though it has always been applied. The $14 discount on my data plan is not effected by this change, Weird!

The discount in question is the one applied to the fee for an additional (3rd) line on my family plan. In my case this is a $20 charge that is currently getting a $4 discount. This would be a change of about $50 annually. It should be no surprise that Sprint disagreed that this was a material change. I talked to an account rep, a supervisor and what I think was formerly retentions. At this point I inquired what the termination fees would be for each line he put me on hold to speak to another supervisor.

Ultimately Sprint agreed to credit what would be the equivalent to the change over 2 years to my bill. Readers mileage may differ but this solution was adequate for me.

That’s right, you don’t have to use the rate hike to totally cancel service. If you push hard enough, one of the last gasp things the wireless providers will often do is offer to credit you for the difference of what they’re taking away.

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