Sprint Revives 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Deal

Image courtesy of Misfit Photographer

If you’ve been thinking about switching to Sprint as your mobile carrier, but aren’t sure whether you want to sign your voice and data services over to them for the foreseeable future, good news! The carrier is bringing back its 30-day money-back guarantee deal, perhaps hoping that when combined with its aggressive discounts and promotions, it will draw new users who are skeptical about their supposed network improvements.

This only applies to new accounts or new lines on a business account. How it works is that if a new customer decides that they don’t want to keep Sprint, they’ll get a refund of any rental fees pr payments made for their device, and any plan fees they were charged.

Sprint won’t reimburse charges that appear on customers’ bills for premium content billed to phone accounts, or for any overages that you may have racked up while trying out the service.

Think of this guarantee as an escape hatch if you’re seriously thinking about switching, though, and not as a thing to try on a lark: less than a year ago, a family who didn’t discover that their home didn’t have Sprint service until they signed up and brought their phones home were hit with a $3,800 bill initially after they canceled their service.

(via TWICE)

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