McDonald's Serves Customer A Used Burger

If car companies and Ikea can make money selling pre-owned products, why not McDonald’s? Oh yeah… that would be disgusting. Just ask the Arkansas man who was sold a pre-owned, pre-bitten burger.

According to a local news report, the customer and his wife purchased a pair of angus burgers at a McDonald’s drive-thru. But when he opened up his burger box, he saw he’d been served a cold sandwich with a big chunk missing from it.

So he went back to the McDonald’s and spoke to the manager, who he says told him, “I’d like to go into the kitchen and find out who did this and talk to him.”

The customer says the manager then confessed that his burger had previously been sold and returned by an unhappy customer earlier in the day. The manager apologized for the error.

As proof of the gross gaffe, the customer had the manager sign his name to the refund slip.

“I have several avenues in mind of making this the most expensive hamburger they ever sold,” said the customer, who in addition to being a minister, “was in the restaurant business for twenty-five years, and my concern is that they not do this to anyone else. It’s a health concern.”

Among the avenues the customer has in mind is sharing his story with the Arkansas Department of Health. He also plans to take his concerns to McDonald’s corporate level.

“I wish I could just throw it in the trash, but then I’d feel bad if it continued to happen and someone got sick because I didn’t speak up,” he says. “There’s enough negativity in this world without spreading more, so we try to stay positive; but this McDonald’s has been a mess for years.”

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