Chase Just Goes Ahead And Adds Overdraft Protection To Your Account

Lori called up Chase to tell them that she was traveling internationally in the next few weeks. She wanted them to note her account so there wouldn’t be any blocks when charges from far-away countries started appearing. Then the fast-talking rep just sort of added overdraft protection to Lori’s account, just casually worked it in there, like she was doing her a courtesy.

Lori says, “She very quickly noted that I didn’t have any overdraft protection and that she’d go ahead and do me the favor of adding overdraft protection to my checking account “because getting overdrafts while on vacation can be such a hassle.””

“She never asked if I wanted the service or even gave me a chance to give her my opinion on the matter. After I’d processed what she’d spouted out at me, I balked and told her not to add or change my account in any way, other than to list my travel notes.”

“She tried to sell me the benefits of overdraft protection again, which I declined and ended the call.”

Wow, that takes “assuming the sale” to a whole other level.

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