I Don't Care Who Screwed Up My Flight Plans, I Just Want My Money Back

Rick writes that he booked flights for a family trip using Expedia. Due to an apparent mistake at Delta Airlines, his ticket and his wife’s were canceled out from under them for the first leg of their trip, but their daughter’s wasn’t. Rick has been pursuing a refund for the last-minute tickets he had to buy, but no one seems to know who should be issuing that refund.

My name is Ricky and on 06/14/2010 my wife, daughter and I were traveling from Detroit (DTW) to Philadelphia (PHL) then to Halifax (YHZ). We arrived at the airport to find that my wife’s and my ticket were missing between Detroit (DTW) and Philadelphia (PHL), the PHL to YHZ flight was not changed. We had the US airways ticket representative attempt to find the cause of the problem and he was unable to. Due to the fact that we were traveling with our daughter we were forced to purchase two tickets from DTW to PHL for $1227.40, which ended up being the same seats we already had as they were next to our daughter.

Upon arriving back in Detroit we called Expedia, the travel company we booked through, and were told that the problem was due to a Delta mistake. They transfered me to a Delta representative, [Redacted] from Tampa Office, who told me that there was a flight number change and the agent responsible for issuing new tickets left out the DTW to PHL flight for my wife and I. I informed them that we wanted a refund for our repurchased ticket as the problem was due to a situation outside of our control. They told me to call Delta corporate on Monday morning and they would be able to process a refund.

I called Delta corprate the following Monday, 06/21/2010, and was first told that they would not help me, then when talking to a supervisor I was told to wait until the credit card receipt arrived and to fax it to them at (404) 715-9256. I faxed that credit card receipt as well as receipts for the original tickets and a letter of explanation on 06/25/2010 to Delta and to US Airways on 07/28/2010. After that fax I received no word from Delta for three weeks do I decided to call back.

I called the main Delta number and was told that there indeed was a mistake and that the representative, [Redacted], would email her manager, [Redacted] at the IRC, and get our refund processed as soon as possible.

As of today I have not heard anything back and the tickets have been on our credit card for three months now. What we would like is a refund of the ticket we had to purchase on US Airways due to the mistake made by the Delta ticket agent. I know this is complicated due to the two airlines being involved but it was not our fault the problem occured and we just want to be refunded our money. The following ticket numbers are the ticket numbers I gave the last delta representative [Redacted], which she said proved that a mistake had been made.

Original Ticket Numbers:
[Ticket Numbers]

Bad Ticket Caused By Delta Agent Mistake:
[Ticket Numbers]

Ticket Purchased at Airport:
[Ticket Numbers[

Thank you for your time and quick response, this problem has been going on for far to long and we just want it resolved and our $1227.40 refunded. We know there is a problem finding out who should refund out money, Delta or US Airways, but that should not be our concern. Please let me know by email what information you need so we can get this problem behind us.

Ricky sent this as an EECB, but hasn’t received an answer yet.

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