The Mc10:35 Gets Field Taste Tested

The Hidden Menu blog went on a field excursion to see if they could track down the “Mc10:35” – an Egg McMuffin inside a double cheeseburger you can only order at the changeover between breakfast and lunch. They lived to tell the tale and returned with photographic evidence.

The writers had to make two trips to lock down the food beast. The first time they got there too late, all the Egg McMuffins had been disposed of. However, the cashier knew exactly what a Mc10:35 was and had offered to make it for them! The legend spreads! The second time the cashier pleaded ignorance, but they got the two sandwiches and put them together themselves.

Hidden Menu writes:

“Wow, it’s curing a hangover I haven’t gotten yet,” exclaimed one taster. While the Mc10:35 is unequivocally delicious, the havoc it wrecks on your digestive track is truly harrowing. (We’ll spare the details.)

Nooo, the details are the best part!

THE MCDONALD’S MC10:35 [Hidden Menu]

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