Your Saggy Pants Are Not Welcome In Dublin, Georgia

Even though other municipalities have tried — and failed — to enact laws regulating the bagginess and sagginess of their citizens’ trousers, the mayor of Dublin, GA, is moving forward with his plan to sign an ordinance that would fine violators up to $200 for low-riding pants.

Because saggy pants are apparently the root of all evil, the town is amending its existing indecent exposure laws to include pants and skirts that sit “more than three inches below the top of the hips exposing the skin or undergarments.”

They mayor says he’s just giving the people, whose priorities are most certainly not out of whack, what they want:

We’ve gotten several complaints from citizens saying the folks with britches down below their buttocks was offensive, and wasn’t there something we could do about it…

It’s time we all have a mutual respect for each other… what a person does in the privacy of their home is fine… But if I had an 8-year-old daughter, I don’t think she needs to be subjected to looking at someone’s rear end.

In response to those who say the law effectively targets young, black males, Mr. Mayor says, “It’s for white, black, man, woman. The ordinance is for everyone, and I’ve seen it violated by all races and sexes.”

Once again, here’s the battle cry for anti-saggy-pants crusaders around the globe:

Georgia mayor to sign baggy pants ban [CNN]

Thanks to Womynist for the tip!

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