Southwest Also Breaks Guitars

Brian hasn’t written a song about it yet, but he tells Consumerist that Southwest Airlines broke his guitar. However, they won’t take responsibility for the situation because the case wasn’t broken

Southwest Airlines broke my guitar. The acoustic guitar was packed in a hard-shell case and left unlocked according to TSA regulations. After the flight the headstock was broken in half, and the case was in fine condition.

After reporting this to the airline I was told they had no liability because the damage was “concealed damage.” The report they wrote stated, “has concealed damage on his guitar… the case itself was not damaged at all.” This explanation supposes that a guitar cannot be damaged unless the case containing it is also damaged. This, of course, is absurd.

Their evasive attitude has sent me chasing a paper trail that will inevitably end in their refusal to take responsibility for the abuse of my property while in their custody.

In essence I paid the airline $50 to break my guitar.

A few weeks later, we asked for an update, and Brian wrote:

I haven’t heard anything back. I mailed Southwest a parcel including all the information regarding my flight and the broken guitar that they require of passengers when making a claim. This was all done within the 21 day time period required.

The parcel was mailed about two and a half weeks ago.

Our favorite alternative way to complain at Southwest is through their Twitter account. Otherwise, what genre of music should Brian record his song about this incident in?

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