Geek Squad Will Turn On Your Ebook Device For You For $29.99

The best way to understand Geek Squad is to realize that they will help you with anything if it means they can charge you a fee. Want batteries in your remote control? Having trouble putting a USB plug into its port? Need to know the time? OPTIMIZE IT WITH GEEK SQUAD. Those are just solid business ideas and not (yet) actual services, but Geek Squad’s real offerings are almost as absurd. For example, Nate from snapped this photo of their newish “eBook Device Setup” service for your Nook or Sony Reader, which promises to turn it on (“provide a functionality check”) and show you how to read (“what to expect when you take the device home”).

The company also promises to install any updates for you. Here’s a shopping tip: if you need professional assistance to update a single use device, then either that device is badly designed or you need to find something that’s more suitable to your tech level. Snark aside, you’ll save yourself frustration and money in the long run.


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