Get A Movie Ticket For Only $4

Groupon is running a deal where you can get a movie ticket voucher for only $4 through Fandango.

You have 3 days left to jump on the deal. Look up your theater on first to make sure they’re partnered (though over 16,000 are). The voucher can be used on any movie, except for 3D and IMAX ones, through Feb. 28, 2011

The deal is only good for 1 ticket and require signing up for a Fandango account.

What’s Groupon you ask? It’s a site that hooks up with businesses and creates these coupon deals that only go active (and you only get charged) after a minimum threshold of people commit to buying them. Because Groupon eliminates much of the risk for the company, they’re able to get some pretty eye-popping deals.

$4 Movie Ticket on (Up to $12 Value) [Groupon via SlickDeals]

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