Stashitware Turns Your Underwear Into A Man Purse

Hey guys, do you know what will really sex up a special occasion? First, take off your pants to reveal your enormous crotch bulge. Then reach into your underwear and pull out a 2 liter bottle of Coke.

Stashitware is being marketed as a secure and awesome place to keep everything, although the secretive nature of it has police officers concerned. But what’s really great about it is the product demo, where the guy selling the product (I think he’s also the model) shows just how much stuff you can fit in your nethers:

Money. [Shoves it down and under.] That quick. Stashed.
Cigarettes. [Shove.] That quick. Stashed. Magnum. [Shove.] That quick. Cell phone. [Shove.] Wallet. [Shove.] Lighter. [Shove.] Credit Card. [Shove.] Drugs. [Shove.] Jewelry. [Shove.]

Don’t take my word for it. Watch it yourself!

(Thanks to dk!)

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