Canon 7D Or Barbie Video Girl: Which Is Better?

Sometimes when you’re comparison shopping for electronics, it helps to find a fan-made video test that looks at the devices side by side. Luckily for you, if you can’t decide whether to buy an $1800 Canon 7D or a $50 Barbie Video Girl, now you’ve got some help. (Hint: only one of these can be called “the sassiest camera money can buy.”)

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

“Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl” [Vimeo via Metafilter]


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  1. Angus99 says:

    They left one thing out – at night the Barbie says “You must kill mommy and daddy!”

    I wonder if they’ll make a G.I. Joe version…

    • Xene says:

      I don’t about G.I. Joe but it would have been perfect with the Steve Austin with the bionic eye I had when I was a kid.

  2. chefguru says:

    Surprisingly good video quality for the Barbie compared to what I was expecting.

  3. zomgorly says:

    I know it wasn’t going to beat the Canon camera but I was surprised of the quality of the barbie camera.

    • MrAgen10 says:

      I was just going to comment that. I’m actually quite surprised at the quality from the Barbie, (never thought I’d ever type that).

    • Wombatish says:

      The plastic hand adds interest and depth.

      (Seriously I couldn’t stop drifting back over to it :P)

      • Captain Packrat says:

        I kept thinking the plastic hand made it look like a First Person Shooter. And she REALLY needs to find a weapon, fast!

  4. dr_drift says:

    Barbie Video Girl… practically an invitation to film your own Dateline special.

  5. MeowMaximus says:

    The video quality of this toy is as good as the video quality of some mainstream digital cameras from a few years ago – ain’t technology amazing!

    Plus, well, it’s Barbie – that makes it plus +1 for awesomeness :-)

  6. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Is it sad that it isn’t THAT much worse?

  7. Beeker26 says:

    Video capture is hard!

  8. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    Cute video, and crazy how good the toy’s camera is, but…

    If you tried to blow up the 7D video, it’d still look really good. Barbie would look like YouTube on a bad day. Granted, I covet a 7D, so my opinion is skewed like a distribution.

    • yellowromancandles says:

      I’m 100% with you. My boyfriend does film/video work and got the 7D about 8 or 9 months ago. That camera does magical things. Luckily I get to take it out to play, but totally out of my wallet’s reach. *Pout*

  9. ThunderRoad says:

    Hot Shoe vs Hot Shoes (plural). I think that pretty much tilts it in Barbie’s favor.

  10. err says:

    C’mon!!! You’re kidding, right?
    Anyone into photography or videography would say there is no comparison. Besides color fidelity and sharpness, which are very apparent, you must consider other factors which are not apparent like frame rate, video size (pixels), etc.

    Nice little toy for a kid but no comparison.

    • Bremma says:

      Granted, yeah, it’s not the pinnacle of video recording technology, but you do have to admit it’s pretty good for something packaged into a child’s toy. You can actually make you details of peoples faces that aren’t shoved into the camera, and while the frame rate is a hair choppy, it’s not too bad for what it is.

    • Tim says:

      You fail the Internet.

    • nickcv says:


    • SybilDisobedience says:

      It was a parody of another, serious comparison video. You’re not supposed to think the Barbie Video Girl is actually a serious competitor to the Canon 7D. The market demographics for each are completely different.

    • MrAgen10 says:


    • Chris Walters says:

      You cannot honestly tell me that there’s any discernible difference between these two cameras, err. The Canon 7D is a ripoff when the Barbie is just as good.

    • aloria says:

      Here’s your sign.

  11. SybilDisobedience says:

    Now let’s all forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream!

  12. stanner says:

    Stop staring at my chest. And say cheese.

  13. ShruggingGalt says:

    That’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Who would pick on the girl in this case?

  14. Bonster says:

    Is it just me, or is the Barbie camera really creepy? The video screen in her back and the battery case in the legs – especially unscrewing it right next to her crotch – kind of creep me out.

    • WontEndWell says:

      I was honestly expecting that USB port to be a, ermm, “little lower” when he started to pull away the clothing to show the port.

      /My mind is in the gutter 24/7

  15. Radiating says:

    The quality was horrible the only reason anyone thinks it’s good is because of the small resolution, blown up it would look much worse.

  16. ajmccoll says:

    I like that Barbies hand can be seen in the shot. Granted, it was positioned there by the guy shooting the video, but it was a nice touch.

  17. exoxe says:

    Compact Flash? Seriously? I haven’t seen a CF card in years.

    • Sparkstalker says:

      Canon has, for some reason, stuck with CF in it’s pro (non-Rebel) lineup. The only one to have an SD is the upcoming EOS-1D Mk.IV, which has both SD and CF…

      • mrbobvilla says:

        The current problem with SD cards is that they have a very limited write speed. The fastest SD card on market right now writes at 10MB/s. (And most cameras don’t even support it yet) The faster CF cards are 90 MB/s. For most things this probably won’t matter but if you have a high end camera that writes large RAW files and you are trying to get as many shots as possible SD cards are just not up to the job.

        I am hoping that as newer SD cards are designed CF will eventually be able to be killed for good.

    • joe23521 says:

      At the time of release, there were no SD cards capable of handling the 7D’s video data rate. I know the newer t2i, though less feature-rich than the 7D, uses SD cards.

    • Rocket says:

      Isn’t CF faster than SD?

  18. Rocket says:

    A Barbie doll, that’s also a video camera? I’m not thinking about using this a spy-cam at all. No way. Not me.

  19. Mr.Grieves says:

    Lmao, top notch production values on this video. I think the guy just wanted an excuse to play with Barbie though.