Barbie’s Feet Finally Get A Break As New Range Of Dolls Can Wear Flats

mattelflatfeetBarbie has spent her entire life standing on her tiptoes and boy, she must be tired. Too long has she toiled for hours in dream mansions and in ice cream shoppes without the benefit of having her feet flat on the ground, encased comfortably in flat shoes. Her time has come: Mattel’s newest line of dolls have adjustable ankles, and a line of flat footwear to go with that new flexibility.

After more than half a century of having her dogs constantly barking, Barbie can now eschew the heels and opt for flats for the first time ever.

Mattel says its new Fashionistas line represents “the world girls see around them.” As such, the range includes 23 dolls with 14 different faces, eight skin tones, 18 eye colors, 22 hair styles and 23 hair colors, along with those adjustable ankles.

A spokesperson for the company told Buzzfeed that the dolls are now sporting fashions that “reflect authentic street style” as part of the “continued evolution of the Barbie brand.”

Translation: Not everyone on the street is tottering around on sky-high spikes like baby giraffes, so here are some stylish yet comfortable shoes.

I remember putting flat (likely off-brand) shoes on my Barbie, only to be stymied by her feet’s refusal to bend and propensity to flip any non-heels right off. Instead she just sort of tiptoed around in plastic sneakers. But now, freedom. Freedom to fake walk, fake run and stand (with assistance). Enjoy it Barbie. You’ll never want to put those heels on again.

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