Chef Fined For Licking Toads In The Kitchen

The chef at a Japanese restaurant in Iowa was fined $335 after health department officials watched a video of him licking and kissing toads, then putting them in his mouth and then back on the prep table, in the restaurant’s kitchen. His brother taped the stunt and posted it on Facebook.

The chef explained to WHOTV that it was the end of the evening and the kitchen was closed, and that it was just “a dare to myself, if I can lick a frog or kiss a frog.” The owner of the restaurant apologized for the chef’s behavior by saying he’s a “funny guy” who lacks training. “It’s his fault and my fault too. He’s not supposed to bring frogs in the restaurant.” Yeah, really you should make that rule clear when you hire an employee.


“Chef in hot water after licking frog, posting video on Facebook” [WHOTV via BoingBoing]

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