Meet The Disposable, Recyclable, Reusable Cardboard Shopping Cart

One great thing about living in a city like New York: Being able to buy just about anything you need. The problem: Getting the things you buy back home. That’s why a designer in the UK has come up with a cart constructed completely out of cardboard that could allow you to wheel your purchases down the street and onto the bus or train.

According to the designer, the Move-It, currently being considered for a Dyson Award, is adjustable to a wide variety of box shapes and sizes. It can safely hold up to around 44 lbs. of cargo.

To use, the customer or store employee takes the flat-packed base/handle of the Move-It and adjusts until the handle is in a comfortable and secure position. The package to be toted is then secured via contact adhesive to the base/handle and a pair of wheels are stuck to the bottom.

The Move-It prototype, constructed entirely from waste materials, was sturdy enough to withstand a 10-mile trip through London while carrying a new microwave.

Watch the Move-It in action here:

Disposable Cardboard Trolley Lets You Walk Home from Ikea [Wired]

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