Go Ahead, Try To Make Sense Of This Xbox Live Pricing Scheme

Did you know that “free” is basically the same thing as $10? Neither did Jer, until he went to renew his Xbox Live account. He tells Consumerist that along with his account expiration date, he discovered the most baffling pricing scheme this side of Target.

He writes:

Hey, I was looking into when my xbox live membership was going to run out and came across some very weird pricing. (screen shot attached)

confusing xbox live pricing is confusing

Based on your current membership, the following options are available:

12 Months + 1 FREE – $59.99
12 Months for $49.99 – $49.99
Xbox LIVE 12 mo. Gold Membership – $59.99
12 Months for $53.99 – $53.99
3 Month Gold – $24.99
3 Months for $12.49 – $12.49
3 Months for $18.99 – $18.99
1 Month for $1 – $1.00
Xbox LIVE Monthly Gold Membership – $8.99

So we have 12 months with a “free” month for $59.99, or 12 months for $49.99, or 12 months for $53.99. Even better is the 1 month for $1 or 1 month for $8.99.

Perhaps this is a stealth consumer intelligence test, with promotional rates mixed in alongside the regular prices. Your punishment for failing the test? Having to pay more.

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