48% Of Those Planning To Quit Once The Economy Improves Say It's Because They No Longer Trust Their Bosses

1/3 of working Americans say they’re going to try to find a new job once the recession is over, and 48% of that group cited losing trust in their employer as being the primary factory, according to a new study.

46% said a dearth of clear and transparent communication from company leadership, as being their reasons for planning to look start job hunting after the recovery.

The abstract of the report says, “During challenging economic times, the relationship between employees and employers is often tested. Frequently, executives are forced to make decisions that broadly affect their workforces and alter what matters in the workplace. Today’s business environment is no exception; it appears that the recession has diminished two important forms of business currency: trust and ethics.”

What do you think? Are you going to try to look for new work after the economy rebounds? Has the downturn strained your relationship with your employer, resulting in a you not trusting them and do you feel adversely affected by a lack of clear communication from up top? Sound off in the comments.

2010 Ethics & Workplace Survey [Deloitte via War Room]

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