How About A Nice Beer Popsicle?

Beat the heat with this cheap and cool treat, the beer popsicle, aka “The Hopsicle.”

The Diablo Royale Este saloon in New York takes a Tecate, inject it with simple syrup and lime juice, then jam a wooden stick in the can hole and freeze it. Four days later, they pull it out the freezer and saw it open with a serrated steak knife. Sounds awesome! I look forward to soon saying, “I make my own beer popsicles at home.”

Introducing the Beer Popsicle [Urban Daddy]


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  1. AI says:

    The alcohol does not freeze and moves to the outside, so you’re left with one strong swig of near straight alcohol, and a block of non-alcoholic beer flavoured ice. If you inject it with syrup and lime first, you’d end up with the exact same thing, except the ice would be beer & syrup & lime flavoured. I’ll stick with freezing a beer being a bad thing.

    • ilovemom says:

      Depends how cold the freezer is

      • AI says:

        Yes, all you need is a freezer that goes to -114degC (-174degF). No problem.

        • gooneybeast says:

          Beer is only 5% alcohol. It would freeze somewhere between 0F and 32F. If you’d ever tried to chill beers in your freezer more quickly than dumping them in the fridge, then forget about them, you’d know that beers can easily freeze.

          • WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

            Unless you’re doing something to lower the freezing point of ethyl alcohol (the kind we consume for fun), the grandparent post still stands:

            The water and other chemicals in the beer will freeze, the ethyl alcohol will not freeze until 114 deg C.

            Now… I’m not sure whether the physics of all this would be more likely to push the alcohol aside as the OP contents, or just trap it in ice pockets…

        • EnergyStarr says:

          you are correct if you assume a 200 proof beer. whoa!

          probably somewhere in the 20F range beer will freeze.

          saw this on a beer brewing forum:

          The freezing point of a beer is given as Freezing point
          (°C) = –0.42 × A + 0.04 × E + 0.2 in which A is the percent of
          alcohol content by weight and E is the original gravity of the wort
          (3). On this basis, each 1% increase in alcohol content lowers the
          freezing point by 0.42°C and each increase in gravity of 1°Plato
          (P) raises it by 0.04°C. Thus, no beer will freeze at –1°C, and
          products at higher alcohol concentrations (including high-gravity
          brews prior to dilution) will withstand even lower temperatures.

        • NUXI says:

          I tried to freeze 190 proof Everclear with LN2 once. The first small test pour of LN2 resulted in a gel. This was about as far as I got because the gel was more fun to poke at than pouring in enough LN2 to freeze ethanol.

    • anonemouse says:

      Someone never stuck a beer in the freezer.

  2. PanCake BuTT says:

    Ohhhh Tecate….no moy bueno..makes my head hurtO, the next dayO. Arribaaaah

  3. polizzi82 says:

    an aluminum can cut with a serrated knife met with a drunken tongue and lips sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. A refreshing disaster.

    • the Persistent Sound of Sensationalism says:

      Yeah, no one will be selling this crap to me, but I would love to watch the antics ensue at a large public drunk fest, like say, Summerfest. >:)

  4. simpleton says:

    Seems like a waste a beer tecate needs nothing but a cold freezer. I drink it by the 40 oz though so maybe I shouldnt be commenting.

  5. Quake 'n' Shake says:

    Used to do something similar with Schaefer. We’d freeze the can, cut it open and eat with a spoon. Although adding syrup and lime would make it taste better.

  6. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    …can I maybe just suggest using something other than the can to freeze/serve it in? Lest you want hordes of hapless consumers slicing their tongues off on the aluminum…

  7. jvanbrecht says:

    Must be a better way.. using a serrated knife is bound to leave metal shavings….

  8. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Finally, after all those ads telling me I can use their knives to cut through cans, I have a reason to!

  9. denros says:

    no. do not attempt to beat the heat with this. the heat will win.

  10. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    I’ve made my own at home by mistake when I put a beer in the freezer to cool it quickly the remembered it a week later. The resulting beergasm in my freezer took about an hour to clean.

  11. Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

    Would be better off drinking the beer and freezing the pee.

  12. moorie679 says:

    I rather have a frozen margarita but that is just me…..

  13. patrick says:

    Someone is going to cut their tongue off on one of these.

  14. ninabi says:

    My mom used to make these for us growing up. Except she used the popscicle Tupperware set so we wouldn’t cut our mouths on the beer cans. Moms are caring in that way.

    We enjoyed the treat and she enjoyed peaceful afternoons watching The Guiding Light.

  15. allnitecp says:

    Interesting to know, because of Virginia’s antiquated liquor laws, these almost got a restauranteur thrown in jail about 3 years ago. In VA, you can make no changes to the alcohol containing product before it is ordered by the patron.

    This is the reason why sangria in the Commonwealth is just wine with fruit floating in it.

    • Tunacrab says:
      • Tunacrab says:

        I somehow got the previous two replies out of order. Probably drunk.

        • psm321 says:

          Consumerist has confusing comment ordering. Top-level comments are ordered oldest to newest from top to bottom, but replies are ordered newest to oldest at each level.

    • Tunacrab says:

      That said, Yes VA has some incredibly stupid liquor laws. A few examples:

      – You can’t serve one person more than two drinks. You can technically put a pint glass full of vodka in front of someone, but a beer and two shots is off limits.

      – All bars in VA are required to be restaurants. The state monitors how much you buy of both food and alcohol, and mandates that a certain percentage must be food. I think it is 40%, but don’t quote me. Many bars falsify the books, or just give away a bunch of free food because they are required to show they are moving food. Most successful clubs that don’t really serve much food have a pizza joint or sandwich shop next-door, run under the same company. Bars do not exist in VA.

      – You are not allowed to serve alcohol unless you are serving food as well. A lot of bars, ahem, I mean “restaurants” get around this by offering some sort of bullshit food after the kitchen closes… Like chips and salsa, chicken tenders, etc. Basically food the bartender has to prepare because the kitchen already went home.

      – You may not advertise alcohol in any way outside the walls of the restaurant. I’ve known operators that got popped by ABC for something as simple as advertising for a wine dinner on the sandwich board by the door.

      – No flaming drinks. I see bartenders do it all the time, but if ABC catches you you can get in huge trouble.

      -No Drink specials are allowed. Happy hour is legal, but if you run a special past 9 o’clock you could lose your license. Basically, you can’t discount any alcohol prices past happy hour. Bartenders are clever though, so usually when you see a $1 rolling rock special on Tuesday night at some dive bar, they are conveniently “out” of that product every other day of the week.

      There are many more. Va is dumb. Drink up!
      -bartender in VA.

  16. ninabi says:

    My mom used to make these for us growing up. Except she used the popscicle Tupperware set so we wouldn’t cut our mouths on the beer cans. Moms are caring in that way.

    We enjoyed the treat and she enjoyed peaceful afternoons watching The Guiding Light.

  17. Big Mama Pain says:

    Whenever I’ve forgotten a can of beer in the freezer, it has exploded-or when I open it, ice just pushes out of the open on its own. +1 for the term “can hole”

    • LandruBek says:

      I second the +1 and award a bonus +1 for context: “jam a wooden stick in the can hole.” You gotta play rough with beersicles, lol.

  18. gabrewer says:

    “Is there anything beer can’t do?” — Hank Hill

  19. TuxRug says:

    No me gusta la cervesa Tecate. La cervesa Coors Light es mas bueno, en mi… er… what’s spanish for opinion?

  20. anonemouse says:

    I like the death trap they enclosed it in.

  21. pk says:

    I forsee a fun trip to the ER for anyone who actually tries this!!

  22. Rhinoguy says:

    A beer will freeze just fine in a home freezer at about 20 degrees F. If you use a stronger beer with added sugar and a little citric acid the freezing point should drop to about 15 F. Most home fridges can be set that cold, but a commercial freezer can go to -25 degrees.
    It takes four days to freeze the beer-sicle because you lower the temperature slowly by adjusting the thermostat. This prevents the alcohol from separating from the rest of the stuff. It also prevents the can from bursting. I think the can doesn’t burst because the CO2 compresses offsetting the increased pressure of the ice. Not sure why, but I have tested this many years ago, like when I was in college.
    BTW. a typical home chest freezer will go to about -10 F. Cold enough to try at home.

  23. PupJet says:

    I just like the comment of “Jam a stick in the hole” aspect. :P