110-Year-Old Man Credits Long Life To His Daily Can Of Beer

We’ve all heard that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but one man who’s reached the lofty age of 110 has entirely different maxim — drinking a can of beer a day is keeping the reaper away.

Nebraska’s oldest man and possibly the oldest man in America turned 110 on May 16, reports Omaha.com, and his family said his daily beer has always been his secret to a long life.

“He always told everybody the reason he has lived so long is drinking one can of beer, every day at 3 p.m.,” said his daughter. “He always joked that that was his medicine since he takes very little medicine.”

When it comes to said medicine, it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a lager or an IPA, he says.

“Whatever kind was around,” he said, though his daughter said he prefers Miller brands.

As for his age, he sometimes has to be reminded of it, as it’s not one of those things he can be bothered with these days.

“I don’t even notice it,” he said.

He may be the oldest man in America, but it’s unclear, as two other candidates at 116 and 112 have gaps in their age records. He’s currently the oldest man whose age can be verified, according to the national Gerontology Research Group.

“All this means is that there is a confusing situation, whereby we have three potential contenders for ‘oldest man in America,’” Robert Young, director of the group’s supercentenarian research and database division told Omaha.com.

Besides drinking his daily beer, the other advice he has for a long, happy life?

“Right here,” he told Omaha.com, pointing to his heart.

A beer a day is 110-year-old Nebraska man’s secret to a long life [Omaha.com]

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