Dry-Erase Board Quitter Reveals Herself As Hoax

Yesterday, the web was abuzz with the story of a young woman named Jenny who quit her job by e-mailing everyone a series of photos in which she outed her boss as a lazy, Farmville-playing jerk. Well, we’ve all been had as the woman outed herself as an actress and the whole quitting thing as a hoax.

The folks at thechive.com, the site where the pics first showed up yesterday, admitted to cooking up the hoax earlier today in yet another series of photos where “Jenny” confesses to being an actress named Elyse Porterfield.

Let’s just hope JetBlue doesn’t come out and reveal that the whole hatch-blowing, slide-jumping flight attendant thing is for an upcoming reality show.

A word from Jenny (16 Photos) [thechive.com]

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