Subway Manager Fined $75 For Asking Pakistani Customer If He Was A Terrorist

Four days after the attempted Times Square bombing, a 64-year-old Indian-born Subway manager in North Chicago walked up to a 29-year-old Pakistani-born customer and said: “I heard you guys were recruiting more terrorists in New York. Are you one of them?”

The customer left the Subway and found a police officer, who wrote the manager a citation for disorderly conduct. A judge this week ordered the manager to pay a $75 fine.

“It’s not the money, but I don’t think it was a fair deal,” [the manager] said. “Are we not allowed in the world to talk anything to a guy?” […] “We all talk when something happens. We just kid around.”

“I was very surprised and shocked that people reacted this way,” said [the customer], who moved to Waukegan from Pakistan with his family when he was 14. “It was very upsetting, and I was very offended.” […] “I didn’t respond back even though I wanted to,” he said. “I contained myself, and I just left.”

The customer, who drove a taxi, was so upset about the comment that he quit his job and is now unemployed and depressed. Like any good American, he is considering a suit against Subway and the manager.

Terrorist joke costs eatery manager $75 [The Chicago Tribune]

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