Rare Superman Comic Saves Home From Foreclosure

See through walls, bounce bullets off his chest, save homes from foreclosure, is there anything the man of steel can’t do?

A family was packing their house, getting ready to move out because of an impending foreclosure on the house their family had owned since the 50’s, I’m guessing they took out a HELOC or a second mortgage, when they made a startling discovery in the basement. It was a rare copy of Action Comics #1. The 1938 comic marked the first appearance of Superman and is highly prized by collectors.


The company’s owner got on the phone with the bank and persuaded managers to hold off on the foreclosure.

“My partner basically had to explain to the bank, ‘You’ll have your money soon. We sent them information about our previous sales and what this could realize,” said Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect.com and Metropolis Comics and Collectibles.

“You couldn’t have asked for a happier ending,” he added. “Superman saved the day.”

The comic will be auctioned soon and could potentially fetch over $250,000, enough to save the family’s home and then some.

Superman Saves Home From Foreclosure [WBAL] (Thanks to Wayne!)

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