5 Things Not To Buy At Face Value

Haggling is commonly accepted in some facets of the market and laughed off in others, but the division between the two can be blurry. Kiplinger rounded up five items which you might not have known you could talk money off the price tag:

* HDTVS. Shop around, compare price quotes to salesman and insist you don’t have the budget for the sticker price.

*Gym memberships. Length and price of memberships, as well as interest rates and discounts for paying upfront, are all on the table.

*Mattresses. The story says you can get half off the price tag if you stick to your guns.

*Financial advisors. Ask to see an advisor’s Form ADV Part Two, which reveals his compensation policy and whether or not it has any wiggle room.

*Rent. As long as you’ve got other options, everything in the lease is up for debate.

What off-the-beaten-path goods or services do you haggle over?

5 Things You Can Haggle For [Kiplinger]
(Thanks, Kayla!)

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