Hot Flash Spray Evamist Causes Boobs On Pets, Kids

I like FDA warnings like this new one about Evamist, because I can file the symptoms away and use them to impress someone with my Sherlock Holmes skills. Friend: “How did you know she used Evamist?” Me: “Note the tell-tale breasts on her grandchildren and her terrier.”

Anyway, if you or someone you know uses Evamist to treat menopausal hot flashes, you can keep on keeping on–but don’t hug any kids or pets, warns the FDA:

Adverse events reported in unintentionally exposed children include

  • premature puberty, nipple swelling, and breast development in girls
  • breast enlargement in boys

FDA has also received reports of inadvertent exposure in pets. Pets exposed to Evamist may exhibit signs such as mammary/nipple enlargement and vulvar swelling.

The FDA suggests you wear sleeves if you can’t keep kids away when you use it. If you notice “vulvar enlargement” in your pet–yes, you need to start checking for that–call your vet.

“Keep Kids, Pets Away From Skin Sprayed With Evamist” [FDA]

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