Toddlers And Spray Bottles Full Of Bleach Are An Irresistible Combination

Know what toddlers love? Spray bottles full of bleach. A new study shows that despite the fact that injuries from household cleaning products have decreaed by almost half since 1990 — spray bottle injuries are remaining steady. The most common product to injure kids under 6? Bleach.

From BusinessWeek:

Bleach was the cleaning product most commonly associated with injury (37.1 percent), and the most common type of storage container involved was a spray bottle (40.1 percent). In fact, although rates of injuries from bottles with caps and other types of containers decreased during the study period, spray bottle injury rates remained constant, the researchers reported.

One of the problems? Cleaners look like sports drinks. So what should you do about it? Don’t leave your pretty spray bottles full of poison laying around. Lock them up and keep them out of sight.

Household Spray Cleaners Pose Greatest Danger to Toddlers [BusinessWeek]

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