United Removes Passenger From Flight After He Asks Whether A Meal Will Be Served

Over at JoeSugarman.com, Joe writes that on his way home from a seminar in Austin, he settled into his first class seat–he’s what United Airlines calls a 1K traveler because he flies over 100,000 miles with them every year–and asked the flight attendant, “Are you serving any meals during our flight?” A few minutes later, he writes, “two armed Austin police officers boarded the plane, looked at me and said, ‘Sugarman, follow us.'”

Okay, in the flight attendant’s defense, she says she thought Joe asked her if there were police on the flight. But not in her defense: WTF, seriously flight attendant? You couldn’t even say, “I beg your pardon” or “Would you repeat the question” to confirm that you had an evil ‘sploding terrorist on board?

A United customer service agent explained to Sugarman that after hearing from the flight attendant, the pilot “was not going to take any chances” and asked that Sugarman be removed.

Oddly, United was willing to take any chances on the next available flight, which left the airport two hours later with Sugarman on board.

“What is America coming to????” [JoeSugarman.com] (Thanks to LadySiren!)

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