Woman Sues Movie Theater After Being Arrested For Filming Twilight Scenes

A woman who was arrested last November during a screening of whatever Twilight movie was in theaters at the time has filed suit against the movie chain. She says that she only filmed two short sequences, the opening credits and a moment when her “favorite actor” took off his shirt. Wisely, she does not say in her lawsuit whether she’s Team Beefcake or Team Emo, or my niece would possibly go ballistic.

The lawsuit, which seeks $50,000 in damages, claims the woman did not film with intent to pirate the movie, that instead she was having fun with her friends and family at a birthday party at the Rosemont, Illinois, theater.

She took several photos of her friends before the movie, then shot the two video clips. She says she wasn’t made aware that filming the movie was against the law, but I’m not sure that will hold up in court. She also says, however that both the police and the MPAA advised that she be released, but that the theater’s manager insisted on her arrest “in a bid to win a financial reward.” Or he was on the other team, and offended by her tastes.

“Woman Jailed 2 Days for Filming Movie Screen Sues Theater” [Wired]

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