Canon Fixes 5 Year Old Camera For Free

There was a defect with CCD chips on Rob’s camera, so Canon fixed it for free. Rob would just like us to let people know that he had a great experience with Canon.

Rob says:

I usually read stories about negative comments about company’s. Anyways I wanted to let you know about how I’m pleased with Canon. I have a SD410 digital camera that is probably 5-6 years old and had been working fine up until about a month ago. It started where the LCD would get these strange lines on it and also all of the pictures would have a pink tint or lines on them. I researched the problem on the Internet and there was a known issue where there was a bad batch of CCD chips in this camera. I searched Canon’s website and found a service bulletin on the issue listed here. .

Anyways long story short I called Canon at their toll free number, got to speak to somebody in the USA and they sent me a pre-paid UPS label. I sent in the camera and they shipped it back to me repaired in under a week. I just wanted to pass along the great experience I had with Canon and I will definitely be buying Canon the next time I need a camera. I thought it was pretty nice they fix such an old camera for free.


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  1. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    I’m a sorta high-level amateur photographer (sort of, not really, shut up I’m not bragging :-P) who has had nothing but good experiences with Canon. Since my SLR is Canon, all my lenses are Canon. While I’ve had good experiences with Sigma, Canon has just been great. If you call up with a problem with any of their glass or bodies, it gets fixed.

    • kinickie says:

      Same here, and my parents were both professional photographers. It’s all Canon all the time in my family. Their products are reliable, build quality is good, and should you have a problem they are extremely helpful.

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        Yeah, especially their SLRs and L-series glass.

        I’ve never heard a bad story with an L-series lens problem. They may be out there, but I have yet to hear any.

        • ShruggingGalt says:

          No comments on the fact that many of their lenses and bodies don’t match focus?

          Their QC has gone downhill on the pro lenses. Pros need to PAY Canon for their PRO service, who will then calibrate their lenses for free. But if your lens is out of warranty and you get a new body, you’ll have to pay for the lens calibration to that body. Unless you’re a pro, and pay for their pro service….

          • ShruggingGalt says:

            BTW: Used to shoot with Canon for 10 years. Not anymore obviously!

            • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

              So, you went with Nikon? Or you just don’t shoot at all?

              Because let’s face it. Those are the two options. Unless you like Leica. But thats’ a different ballgame.

              • shaleoil24 says:

                Whoa, bad assumption, if you’re talking “sorta high-level amateur” stuff. Quite a few other companies are up to the task and I bet a K7D with good Pentax glass could match anything Canon or Nikon has. Unless you’re talking full frame, of course, and then I’d shut up if you are

          • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

            My experience with this has been that a lot of complaints have to do with people shooting at low f-values wide open and expecting exceptional DOF. It’s one thing to complain that it’s not “focusing,” but it’s another when people simply don’t understand how optics work.

            Not saying that it’s all that way, but even “pros” often mistake an expensive lens for “it can do stuff that isn’t possible.”

          • Atsumi says:

            Actually, most higher end Canon SLRs these days have a microadjust ability. You can calibrate the lens to the camera yourself. :)

    • ShruggingGalt says:

      Unless you have (had) a 1DMk3, then it’s deny deny deny, stall stall stall, make repairs that don’t fix the problem, etc. etc.

      They still have the regular Japanese culture of not wanting to have the shame of a poor product.

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        I hadn’t heard about this one… interesting.

        Yeah, that’s a serious problem amongst Japanese companies. I should know, I’ve worked for only Japanese or Korean companies my whole life.

  2. Raekwon says:

    The very same thing happened to me. My camera was working fine and one day the goofy lines. I went a bought a new camera because I thought it was just old. I think I was searching Consumerist one day and you guys listed the recall from years ago and I figured I’d contact Canon and see what they do. They took my old camera back and sent me out a brand new model no questions asked. Canon has my business for good now I think.

    • Mohonri says:

      I could put my name in Rob’s story–the exact same thing happened to me (same camera, too!) and I had the same fantastic experience.

      The only problem is that a year and a half later, the same camera developed the similarly-famous “Memory card error” which I was unable to fix.

  3. amd555 says:

    uhm…they are honoring their special bulletin. I just had a similar experience with my 2002 Impala that had a bad catalytic converter. Looked online, dug up papers, and found out that there was a special provision for my model series…FREE CATALYTIC CONVERTER AND GASKET. Saved me close $1000

  4. heltoupee says:

    apostrophe does not mean “here comes an ‘s'”. Grammar rant over.

  5. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    They did the same for me. They could have flipped me off since it was a 6 year old camera at the time, but that CCD recall worked in my favor.

    I love my Canon A80 and while I was already Canon biased, they pretty much have guaranteed my next camera (shopping for a video one) is going to be a Canon.

  6. anime_runs_my_life says:

    Now if only they’d have service this good for their printers, I might be willing to try them again. I gave up dealing with them when they kept screwing up by sending the wrong replacement parts for a printer I had. By the time they finally got it right, it was out of warranty and they wanted to charge me for it. I gave up after that. The cameras are nice; printers…take your chances.

    • BoredOOMM says:

      We had a similar experience that the Camera Support is top notch. The printer support was so disappointing we replaced the printer (with an HP) rather than purchase new ink.

      • Sparkstalker says:

        Funny, I had exactly the opposite. When my all in one went out just a few days before the warranty was up, they got me a box in about two days, and I had my replacement in a week. It also didn’t hurt that it was the upgraded model…

  7. moorie679 says:

    Way to go Conan……….

  8. quasijo says:

    Seconded. They did this for my point-and-shoot a couple of years ago. Oooh, and that’s maybe why I keep thinking “Rebel” every time I think about getting a nifty new camera.

    • Sparkstalker says:

      I bought my Rebel XTi based on my good experience with the S1. I love it…it’s a great camera. Now if I could just convince the wife that it’s upgrade time again…

  9. paul says:

    They fixed my 5-day-old Canon camcorder that was made with a known defective part, too… the bulletin about the defective part came out before I bought my camcorder. It would have been better if they’d recalled unsold units and fixed them, rather than me being without my brand new item. They did fix it for free and send it back within about a week and a half, which wasn’t too bad.

    • ffmariners says:

      Great post. Just called in my S1 IS that died about a year ago. I’ve already bought a new camera at this point, but they told me to send it in just now.

      Crossing my fingers that it gets fixed/replaced :)


      • Sparkstalker says:

        Wow…it affects the S1? My wife carried ours in Alaska, and some of the pictures were wacky…I thought it was just dying…now that I know I can get it fixed, I’ll have to send it in…

        • ffmariners says:

          Nice! Yeah, they said the sensors were bad in the S1 IS, too. But I don’t think the S2 was affected.

  10. al says:

    Had the same problem and got a new camera. Then I read about a recall and called em up. They repaired my camera for free and now I have a backup. Ill always go canon. Great cameras.

  11. spideyman says:

    I’ve always used Canon cameras, both film and digital and have always had great service from Canon when needed.

  12. Nighthawke says:

    I got an SX110 that’s the cat’s meow. Canon has my business from here on out!

  13. lizzybeans11 says:

    I have this problem with my 5 yr old Canon! I’m getting it fixed :D Thanks, Rob!

  14. asmbimom says:

    Same here. I have a Powershot A60 that is 7 years old. Out of the blue one day, I looked through the viewfinder and all it showed was a purple haze. I was about to ditch it and buy a new camera when I decided to search the Internet and discovered that the camera had a defective sensor that Canon would replace for free. They did! My camera is saved!

  15. kurtmac says:

    They did the same for my at-least 5 year old S60 and my sister’s even older A70 which had the same CCD malfunction. I only knew about the recall after it was posted here on Consumerist last year (can’t find the archive). The service was very quick and no-questions-asked. I rewarded Canon just last month by purchasing a brand new S90. Other companies, take note!

  16. iamspoo says:

    My SD790 that is that is 17 months old has the same problem.

  17. ArcanaJ says:

    I have always had excellent experiences with Canon products and customer service. They replaced the recalled part in my old PowerShot a few years back, no muss, no fuss, and it’s still working like new.

  18. jake.valentine says:

    When it comes to printers or digital cameras, Canon is always my first choice. Until they sell me a POS I will continue buying their products.

  19. Dafrety says:

    The Canon digital camera I had stopped working after about six years. The display would show the interface, but you didn’t get a picture from the lens, taking a picture was just black. Unfortunately, I thought it was just a one off issue, and ended up selling it with full disclosure on eBay. The person who bought it for about $24 said something to the effect of “Thanks, it works great.” A month after I find out that it was a known defect with that model, and I could have gotten it replaced with something current for free. Oh well. No wonder he was so happy.

  20. FIJIBanks says:

    Just saw this article and figured it was worth a shot to call on my 5 year old PowerShot A95. Same issue as described above…I just called and they (Canon) were more than happy to help out. They are sending me a prepaid shipping label to get it fixed. Honestly, I am speechless…I thought it was just old and not worth even looking into. Guess I was wrong. Way to go Canon!

  21. skokielad says:

    We’ve also had good Canon service experience. Last summer our 5-year-old did a water-proofing test and dropped our digital SureShot into Lake Michigan. It was only in the water for a couple of seconds but long enough to kill the rear display. The camera was slightly out of warranty but Canon fixed it for free – no questions or hassles. And this obviously was not a warranty issue to begin with. They also upgraded the firmware without us asking, which gave us a few new features.

  22. jflash972 says:

    Good for Rob and I hope that this indicates that Canon has turned over a new leaf because they haven’t always exhibited this level of customer service.

    Several years ago I bought one of their Optura 20 camcorders and after about two years the iris would stick wide-open when the unit was powered on, making for a very washed-out picture. A quick Google search showed that many other Optura owners were experiencing the same problem, which seemed to be a design flaw. But all Canon would do was sell you a refurbished unit for around $200 and many of these refurbished units suffered from the same problem after a few months.

    I’ve bought other camcorders and digital cameras since then but never a Canon and I’ll never buy another Canon camera product because I’m afraid they won’t stand behind it.

  23. Frnt242 says:

    I also had a great experience with Canon in regards of them fixing an old camera for me.

    it was my PowerShot A80. the bad chip problem. They paid for both shipping to and from. My camera was returned in a week. It came back working better than ever. Seriously. I was extremely satisfied with their handling of the situation that I have sworn that my next new camera purchase would be a Canon.

  24. Forty2 says:

    Same here. I was alerted to the recall last year and sent in my broken circa-2003 SD100 Elph and got it back within a week in perfect shape. I still use it.

  25. lchen says:

    That’s why I went with Canon when I bought my DSLR. It’s nice to know the company will go to great lengths for you.

  26. Carlee says:

    The defective CCD problem started back in 2005 – Sony manufactured them and sold some to other manufacturers, like Canon and Konica. So a whole bunch of cameras had the same problems and each manufacturer agreed to fix it for no cost (I think).

    Info on brands/models and repair info can be found here some of the manufacturers may have limited the time frame in which you could ask for a repair (after the announcement was made, that is. not from when you bought the camera). I remember checking about Canon because my A75 (which had been fixed once for the CCD problem) was exhibiting the same symptoms again. I remembering seeing something about Canon’s program stopping this year (like in June) but I’m not positive. I ended up buying a new camera (more compact, larger screen) etc.

    Canon even fixed the dent in the body of the camera (I accidentally dropped it) for free.

  27. JasonR says:

    Nice to hear that Canon’s Customer Relations Center is still doing a fine job. I worked there for a while about 20 years ago and always enjoyed being able to actually take care of customers the way I’d want to be taken care of. For what its worth, I also received excellent service back then from Nikon.

    Most fun call I received…
    Me: “Canon Customer Relations, this is Jason speaking, how can I help you?”
    Customer: “You’re going to think I’m crazy and that I’m hearing things, but I swear this is true…”
    Me: “You’re hearing the radio on your fax machine?”
    Customer: “How in the world… are you psychic?”
    Me: “No, no… we’re aware of the issue with that particular fax machine and have a filter to get rid of the interference. I’ll send you one free of charge.”

    • ellemdee says:

      I would have been tempted to keep the fax machine unrepaired just to mess with people. “What’s that, boss? No, I’m not hearing voices coming from the fax machine. Oh, now they’re singing and telling you to buy a new car? Maybe you should go home early, you need to rest.” It would help if you got everyone else in the office in on the joke first, but maybe I’m just evil like that.

  28. ellemdee says:

    I’m in the market for a Canon dSLR right now. It’s good to know that when their products have issues, they own up to them and get them fixed without an Apple-style finger-pointing hissy fit.

    Any product can have problems, but I think the way a company responds to problems says more about their willingness to stand behind their products and care about their customers than the issue itself (unless it was a result of willful negligence).

  29. JiminyChristmas says:

    I had this very same experience with a Powershot A75: lines and a magenta tint in the image. I got the camera in 2006. I had almost resigned myself to junking it but I checked online and found out about the recall that included my camera.

    I was happily surprised by Canon’s email support. The CSRs were prompt, efficient, and delivered what they promised. They quickly verified that my camera would be repaired under the recall and gave me a shipping label. After I sent it in I had the repaired camera back in my hands in under a week.

    At the outset of this episode I was disappointed that my camera broke after only 4 years. I would have bought a new one, which definitely would not have been another Canon. Instead, I will get what I hope to be a few more years of service out of my Canon and they will be in the running when I look for an upgrade or replacement of what I have now.

  30. startertan says:

    The exact same thing happened to me about 3 years ago. Same camera model and everything. Canon’s support is fantastic!

  31. KPS2010 says:

    So Canon uses crappy parts and has tons of problems but people are happy cuz they fixed their problems? How about make a good product from the start?

  32. booboloo says:

    I hope thats true, because my rarely used a610 just died due to stuck shutter, everything works but the “eye” won’t open so its all for naught, i’ve googled up many others with the same experience, but it seems canon likes to try to charge everyone for repair, more than the camera is worth at this point..over 100 dollars. I’ll try tomorrow, hopefully they”ve changed their policy on this. Its esp sad since i’ve owned like 5 canon’s over the years, so i’m a good customer, hopefully it works out.

    • booboloo says:

      ok called, they gave me the run around about it not being an official defect, so repair costs would be atleast 100 dollars.

      they might as well say bite me at that point.