Canon Fixes 5 Year Old Camera For Free

There was a defect with CCD chips on Rob’s camera, so Canon fixed it for free. Rob would just like us to let people know that he had a great experience with Canon.

Rob says:

I usually read stories about negative comments about company’s. Anyways I wanted to let you know about how I’m pleased with Canon. I have a SD410 digital camera that is probably 5-6 years old and had been working fine up until about a month ago. It started where the LCD would get these strange lines on it and also all of the pictures would have a pink tint or lines on them. I researched the problem on the Internet and there was a known issue where there was a bad batch of CCD chips in this camera. I searched Canon’s website and found a service bulletin on the issue listed here. .

Anyways long story short I called Canon at their toll free number, got to speak to somebody in the USA and they sent me a pre-paid UPS label. I sent in the camera and they shipped it back to me repaired in under a week. I just wanted to pass along the great experience I had with Canon and I will definitely be buying Canon the next time I need a camera. I thought it was pretty nice they fix such an old camera for free.