10 State Taxes That May Be Coming Your Way

As states scramble to fill coffers, lawmakers are getting creative in dreaming up new ways to tax you.

Kiplinger tracked down 10 of the zaniest state tax laws that could be homing in on your wallet any legislative session now:

*Shoe repair — The Pennsylvania state legislature is looking to add a 6 percent sales tax to the service.

*Watch repair and tailoring — New York is considering taxing both at 4 percent.

*Bowling — 26 states are already taxing the pseudo sport and several more, including Nevada and New Mexico, are looking to join the fray.

*Golf — Kentucky wants a 6 percent sales tax on greens fees.

*Pool cleaning — Indiana wants to join several other states in adding a 6 percent sales tax to what you pay your pool boy.

*Gym memberships — Alabama wants your license to sweat to cost 4 percent more.

*Horseback riding — Arizona aims to make horse owners pay 5.6 percent more to board horses on farms.

*Interior decorating — Oregon, Colorado and New Jersey want to tack on anywhere from 2 to 6 percent in taxes on pro interior decorator services.

*Large vehicle rentals — Louisiana may add a 4 percent tax to rentals of buses or large trucks.

Check out the source link for a slide show and more detail on the taxes. Is your state legislature cooking up anything similar?

10 Surprising Ways Your State May Tax You Next [Kiplinger]
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