Kodak Demonstrates Its Awesome Camera Technology With Stock Photo

It’s common practice for companies to license stock photography to use in promotional materials, but one of our readers thinks it’s somewhat strange that a camera company would go this route, when the one thing you’re trying to sell to consumers is the ability to capture great images.

Our reader Phil writes,

Now I’m not acting surprised that a company uses stock photo that another company has used, or even that a company is using a “simulated picture” on their display (though there’s no indication of that in the fine print on their site).

But it’s a freakin’ vertically integrated CAMERA company. Their whole company is about how they can help create great pictures. And then they buy this stock photo, which, presumably cost them about $20 to use on their site because they didn’t even bother to buy the exclusive rights to the photo (which any Fortune 2000 company would absolutely do when launching a new product). If you’re a CAMERA COMPANY, and you can’t get some in-house resources to do a photoshoot for some reason… you cover that trail up!

There’s no outrage here, just bemusement.

Official Kodak store page

Oddly familiar iStockPhoto page

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